ELLS Bulletin (Soft Copy) publication in remembrance of Serat

30 July is a red letter day for the members of ELL department as one of our beloved students S.M. Amirul Islam Serat (35th batch) met with a gruesome accident which ruthlessly snached away our brother from us. On this day in 2018,Serat was crushed to death under a train while he was walking on the route near IIUC Campus. May Allah forgive his shortcomings and grant him Jannah.

After his untimely demise, ELLS publishes its long awaited publication "The ELLS Bulletin" on 1 December 2019. As a photographer of ELLS Club, Serat covered many significant events of ELL department and those clicks boosted up the initiative to publish the bulletin.

We sincerely appreciate Serat's service to our club. We also acknowledge the efforts of the editorial team and the other photographers and value the help they offered.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, it was not possible to deliver the hard copies to the students widely. So, ELLS decides to release the soft copy of ELLS Bulletin today.

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