Academic Responsibilities

Academic Responsibilities

1.Academic Performance:
All students are required to maintain a CGPA of 2.00 and above to remain on acceptable academic standing. A student who obtains a CGPA below 2.00 will be considered on probation status. A student on probation will not be allowed to carry more than 12 credit hours in the subsequent semester. A student, who gets on probation status for 3 (three) consecutive semesters and in whom the University authority finds no hope of improving the grade in the following semester, may lose his/her studentship.

2.Criteria for the Semester Promotion:
  • No semester fail status would exist under the open credit hour system.
  • If any student earns ‘D’ or above grade for any course, the course should be credited and he/she would not be allowed to repeat the course/so
  • The students must complete Pre-requisite Courses and previous incomplete or ‘F’ or ‘W’ grade courses before registration of advanced courses. Moreover students who will not clear all preseribed courses of 1st & 2nd Semester within the 4th Semester, he/she will not be allowed to get promoted/registered in the 5th Semester and students who will not complete all prescribed courses of 3rd & 4th Semester within the 6th Semester, he/she will not be allowed to get promoted/registered in the 7th Semester. However, student cannot go for internship until all courses are completed.

3. Academic Dismissal:
A student shall be dismissed from the University if:
  • He/she breaches any of the University regulations.
  • He/she fails a course with a grade of (“F’:”X’:”Y”) on the fourth attempt. The University also reserves the right to debar, suspend or dismiss any student from the University or any of its classes in academic or institutional interest, if any such step is deemed worthy and advisable.

4.Eligibility for Entry to Examination:
No student shall be eligible to take part in any Semester Final Examination unless:
  • He/she is officially registered in such a course; and
  • He/she has fulfilled the required percentage of attendance and other requirements.

5.Attendance in Semester Final Examination:
A registered student is required to attend the Semester Final Examination of all courses registered for. If any student is found absent without valid reasons acceptable to the University authorities, he/she will be deemed to have failed the course irrespective of marks obtained in his or her course (i.e. class test, assignment) and Mid Term Exam etc. An “X” grade, which is equivalent to “F’: will be recorded in the semester transcripts.

6.Barring from Examination:
A student may be barred from taking the examination if:
  • He/she fails to meet any of the above requirements for eligibility to sit for an Examination. In such a case, the student may be given the chance to appeal for exoneration.

7.Consequence of Barring from Examination:
Unless otherwise reconsidered, any student debarred from any examination shall automatically receive a grade “Y” which is equivalent to an “F” for that course irrespective of course performance. In addition, the scholarship or financial assistance of students who are barred from the Semester Final Examination may be withdrawn or reduced by a certain amount as the University authority decides on case-by-case basis.

8.Cheating in Examination:
When a student is found to have committed a breach of any provision of the Examination Rules andRegulations or any procedure made thereunder or any instruction made by an authority under theseRegulations, such candidate shall be deemed to have committed an offence and will be liable todisciplinary punishment. Such punishment may be cancellation of the course in question, drop of the current semester, expulsion for an academic year or expulsion from the University, based on the weight and gravity of the offence. If a student receives the expulsion from the University for cheating in examination he/she cannot be readmitted. In addition, the student will be deprived of any financial assistance in the following semester as the University authority decides on case by case basis.

9.Failing in a Course:
A student, who fails in a course within specific requirements of the Faculty and the curriculum of his/her program of studies, may do anyone of the following:
  • Repeat the same course if the course is classified as “CORE” or “REQUIRED” course.
  • Replace the course with another one if it is classified as “SUPPORTIVE” or “ELECTIVE” or “OPTIONAL” as determined by the department or the faculty as the case may be.
  • Notwithstanding any other provisions of these Regulations, a graduating student who obtains the minimum cumulative grade point average for graduation (i.e. CGPA 2.00), but fails in any course, may be allowed to re-sit for that course subject to the examination rules and approval of the authority concerned.

10.Policy for Special Final Examination and Completion of Course under Special arrangement/Independent Study for the Graduating Student:
If a graduating/last semester/outgoing student has an incomplete course only, he/she can complete the course/s according to the following rules:
  • i) If any student could not attend Final Examination in a course only due to illness, accident or scoring of F grade, he/she can complete the course by attending Special Final Examination. To get the approval of Special Final Exam, the incumbent has to apply to the Pro Vice-Chancellor through the Head of the concerned Department and Controller of Exams (Co E) within 72 Hours of Exam held with necessary documents. After getting approval, the incumbent has to pay Tk. 4,000/- per course as Special Final Examination fee.
  • ii) If any course remains unregistered or not repeated due to removal of the courses from syllabus or has not been offered in the last a few semesters, the course may be completed under special arrangement. To get the approval of Special arrangement/Independent Study, the incumbent has to apply to the Pro Vice-Chancellor through the Head of the concerned Department and Controller of Exams (CoE) subject to the availability of course teacher. The application period will be immediate after publication of Semester result. After getting approval, the incumbent has to complete the registration by paying the tuition fee twice/double than that of the normal fees (based on credit)
  • hour). The offered course will not be allowed to complete under special arrangement.

11.Policy for Repeating a Course for Improvement of Grade:
Opportunity for improvement of grade shall be available by fulfilling the following criteria:
  • i. That range of grade in that particular course should be “B -” (B minus)
  • ii. That an application must be submitted to the Office of CoE through the Head of the Department in order to repeat the course for the purpose of improvement at least two weeks prior to the dead line of registration and it has to be approved by the competent authority.
  • iii. That the opportunity for improvement of grade shall be availed within two consecutive Semesters.
  • iv. That payment shall be made in full amount for that course/s on credit hour basis.
Computation of Grade: The last grade will be computed in the Transcript and the previous grade will be nullified and marked with ‘R’ grade (as retake of the course).

12.Appeal for Re-Evaluation of Examination Results:
If the awarding of grade is in order but the student wants his/her answer script to be reevaluated, then a prescribed Form shall have to be filled in and submitted within 15 days of publications of result by the student to the University Board of Appeals through the Office of CoE. A fee ofTk. 1000.00 per paper (or as determined by the University Board of Examination from time to time) must be deposited along with the Form.

13.Grounds for Appeal:
An appeal may be made on any or all of the following grounds:
  • If a student strongly believes that he/she deserves higher marks than he/she got in the course in question.
  • If a student reasonably believes that the evaluation has been conducted improperly or a portion of his/her marks has not been counted.