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5 - Strongly Agree
4 - Agree
3 - Undecided
2 - Disagree
1 - Strongly Disagree
Students Supports
Aspects of Evaluation 5 4 3 2 1
The university maintained active institutional linkages with its alumni and employers
University had set policy and mechanism for academic guidance and counseling
The university had institutional set up for placement and career counseling to the students
University provided financial assistance to the meritorious and distressed students
Concerned offices of the university were sincere and cooperative in handling the students affairs
Physical Facilities
Aspects of Evaluation 5 4 3 2 1
Classrooms were good in number, well spaced, well equipped and well maintained to ensure effective delivery
Laboratories were good in number, well spaced with relevant well off equipments and properly maintained for conducive teaching and learning
The library has adequate up-to- date reading and reference materials to meet the academic & research needs
The library provided appropriate ICT-mediated reference materials
Internet facilities with sufficient bandwidth capacity were available
Enough facilities of Sports and culture
Enough medical facilities for the university community
Research & Extension Services
Aspects of Evaluation 5 4 3 2 1
The university had policy and program on research and development
University had institutional set up to coordinate advanced research
Adequate funds and facilities were provided to innovative research and development
Capacity to hunt research fund for smooth running of the research
University encouraged students for engagement in research, scholarship and development
Research findings in the form of theses, monographs and publications were properly preserved used in current teaching-learning
The university was involved in community services with the output of research and development activities
Process Control (Internal Quality Assurance and Continuous quality Improvement)
Aspects of Evaluation 5 4 3 2 1
University had effective quality assurance system in action
University authority was committed to ensure good practices in levels of administration
The university nurtured the spirit of continual quality improvement taking past experiences, present conditions, and future possibilities into consideration
University had a quality culture with commitment to continuous improvement
University rewarded the students for extraordinary performances in academic and non-academic affairs
Aspects of Evaluation 5 4 3 2 1
Mission and objectives of the university were clearly defined
University had set policy to resolve students grievance in case of assessment
Academic calendar was maintained properly
University authority was sincere enough to maintain sound environment to teaching learning
Fairness and transparency of academic decisions at all levels were maintained (such as admission, publication of results etc.)
University provided handbook with details of academic programs and rules regulations
Documentations were maintained properly
Students Club was active to arrange extra-curricular activities
University website was well designed with easy access to information
Mission and objective of the university were well communicated
Students opinion regarding academic and extra-academic matters were treated properly