Research Award

A K M A Islam (ISESCO Laureate-2001)

Research & Other Related Award:

1. United Group Outstanding Research Award 2016 – (Awarded by the Education Minister at Dhaka, 22 April 2016).

2. Honor as Author: UGC Accorded Reception to Authors of Books published by UGC (Certificate & Crest by the Education Minister at Dhaka UGC Auditorium, 9 March 2016)

3. Bangladesh Academy of Sciences Gold Medal 2006 – in Recognition of significant contributions in the field of Condensed Matter Physics (2006)” (Awarded 31 July 2008) – awarded by the Hon’ble President of Bangladesh.

Award Prior to Joining IIUC

International ISESCO Science Award 2001 – in Recognition of Meritorious Achievements in the Field of Physics (award money $5000 + Travel & stay abroad also provided) – awarded in Sharjah (UAE) Meeting.

University Grants’ Commission Award (1997) for Original Research in Science – 2006 – awraded by the Education Minister.

RESEARCH Works including other Academic Works:

Research Publications in Journals = 180

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ICTP Preprints etc,=5

Books published (3 book-chap) = 13*

*Of these: 1 from New Delhi, 1 from Beirut, 1 book chapter from NY.

Intern. Conf. Proc. (peer-reviewed) = 2

Catalogued by US Library of Congress

Articles on Physics Education = 10

Published in UK & other places.

Sci. & other general Articles = 55

Mostly presented in National & International Seminars, Symposia.