Admissions Criteria

Bachelor Admissions Criteria

Admission at IIUC is purely on the basis of merit. Furthermore, admission to the available programs depends on the type and level of the program that a candidate wishes to pursue.

4.1 The general academic qualifications for admission to Bachelor Programs:

  • At leas GPA 6.00 (combined, but scoring not less than GPA 2.50 in any individual examination) in SSC/Dakhil, HSC/Alim or Equivalent Examination.
  • In case of the ward of Freedom Fighter, at least GPA 5.00 combined in SSC/Dakhil, HSC/Alim or Equivalent Examination is required. Proof of Certificate must be submitted in this connection.
  • ‘0’ Level in 5 (five) subjects and ‘A’ Level in 2 (two) major subjects with minimum ‘B’ Grade in four subjects and ‘C’ Grade in three subjects.
  • Students with Two year Bachelor’s degree from a recognized University or FadillKamil degree from Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board (BMEB) can also apply for Bachelor’s Program.

4.2 Specific Admission Requirements:
Students must also have the following prerequisites:
  • Dakhil & Alim or higher degree from BMEB for admission to the programs under the Faculty of Shariah & Islamic Studies (with fair knowledge in Arabic preferably).
  • Science with Physics and Mathematics with a GPA 6 (Securing GPA 2.50 in the minimum in each SSC/Dakhil, HSC/Alim or ‘A’ Level for admission to Computer Science & Engineering, Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering, or Electrical and Electronic Engineering. For Pharmacy- Biology,Chemistry in HSC is required.
  • Science/Commerce/Arts in HSC/Alim or ‘A’ Level for admission to BBA and Economics & Banking (with Mathematics preferably) and for admission to English Language & Literature or Law (fair knowledge in English is preferable).
  • Dakhil & Alim or higher degree from BMEB for admission to the program of Arabic Language and Literature under the Faculty of Arts and Humanities (with fair knowledge in Arabic preferably).

4.3 Language Requirements:
English & Arabic are the two primary languages used as the medium of instruction in the University depending on the specific program of study. Fair knowledge in English is required for courses under the Faculty of Modern Sciences, Business Studies and Arts & Humanities. Fair knowledge in Arabic is required for the courses under the Faculty of Shari’ah & Islamic Studies.

Remedial English Courses (REC) and Exemption: REC is a must for the admitted students of the Faculty of Science & Engineering, Business Studies, Arts & Humanities and Law. As per policy, the admitted students who obtained 60% marks / (A- grade) in the English subject in HSC Exam or can score 50% marks in the General/Compulsory English part of the Admission Test of IIUC, will be exempted from REC. REC is to be completed within two semester under the Department of English Language and Literature. In the first semester the student shall take 6 credit hours Departmental courses with 2 REC courses and the remaining 2 REC in the second semester with 6 credit hours Departmental courses.

Arabic Placement Test (APT) is also a must for all the newly admitted students to the Faculty of Shari’ah & Islamic Studies. Each of the students under this Faculty must pass this test (APT) in the same way as a student has to pass EPT; otherwise, one has to study the Remedial Arabic Language Courses.

Exemption from REC/APT : The candidates, having successfully completed Certificate Course in English from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of IIUC or having a score of 550 in TOEFL or 6.00 in IELTS or ‘A’ Grade in English in HSC Exam, will be given exemption from REC. And the candidates, who have completed Sr. Certificate Course/Diploma in Arabic, will also get exemption from APT/remedial Arabic.

4.4 Other Requirements:
Admission to IIUC is always through a competitive Admission Test (written and oral). All applicants are required to undergo the process to qualify for admission into different programs of study. Besides, sound health, good character and financial capability to carryon the entire program are also taken into consideration.