Zobayer Ahmed

Zobayer Ahmed

Zobayer Ahmed
Zobayer Ahmed
BSS (Hon’s), MSS (Economics)
SUST MDS (Developments Studies), DU
PhD (Pursuing), Department of Economics, Selcuk University, Turkey
Assistant Professor
Economics & Banking
Mobile: 01673698818


Teaching Expertise

Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Agricultural Economics, Resource and Environmental Economics, Industrial Economics, Public Finance, Development Economics, International Economics.

Research Interest

Development Economics, Third Sector Economics, Development Studies.

Project and Award

▪ Turkey Government Scholarship for PhD (2018).
▪ Merit Scholarship from Directorate of Secondary & Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Bangladesh; for outstanding performance in undergraduate. (2007)
▪ Merit Scholarship from Shahjalal University of Science & Technology (SUST) for outstanding performance throughout undergraduate. (2005)
▪ Primary Scholarship, Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, Bangladesh. (1993)
▪ District Champion: National Children Awards, Ministry of Women and Children Affairs, Bangladesh. (1998)
▪ Advanced Scholarship: ISITE (Institute of Study Information and Teaching English), Bangladesh. (2008)

Journal Publication

1. Raju, M. H. & Ahmed, Z. (2019). Effect of Military Expenditure on Economic Growth: Evidences from India Pakistan and China Using Cointegration and Causality Analysis, Asian Journal of German and European Studies, 4(3), SpringerOpen.
2. Chowdhury, T. Y., Aysa Y., & Ahmed, Z. (2018). Perception of women entrepreneurs to accessing bank credit, Journal of Global Entrepreneurship Research, 8(1), SpringerOpen.
3. Ahmed, Z., Pervez, M. and Jayed, B.H. (2018), “A comparative study on the role of microcredit and social business in sustainable poverty reduction”, International Journal of Development and Sustainability, Vol. 7 No. 5, pp. 1749-1758.
4. Islam, M. K., Rahaman, M., & Ahmed, Z. (2018). Blue Economy of Bangladesh: Opportunities and Challenges for Sustainable Development, Advances in Social Sciences Research Journal, 5(8).
5. Ahmed, Z., Kader, A., Rashid, H. U., & Nurunnabi, M. (2017). User Perception of Mobile Banking Adoption: An Integrated TTF-UTAUT Model. Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce, 22(3), 1- Ahmed, Z. (2016).
6. Ahmed, Z. (2016). Criticisms of Coase Theorem: Can Ethical Strength of the Parties Ensure Efficient Resource Allocation?. International Journal of Ethics in Social Sciences, Vol. 4, No. 1 pp. 31-40.
7. Ahmed, Z., & Kader, A (2015). Political Benefits Outweigh Socio-economic Losses: A Study from Bangladesh. Public Policy and Administration Research, Vol. 5, No. 5. pp 73-80.
8. Ahmed, Z., & Al Marjuk, O. (2013). Horizontal Expansion of Housing in Rural Areas of Bangladesh: Does Population Growth Matter?. Developing Country Studies, Vol.3, No.10, 2013, pp 66-77.
9. Ahmed, Z., & Saha, P. K. (2013). Rationalizing the Choice of Housing on Cultivable Land: Is Cash-return the only Determinant? Journal of Social and Development Sciences, Vol. 4, No. 12, pp. 554-564.

Conference Publication

1. Ahmed. Z., Zaved. A. M. (2019). Exploring the effectiveness of Islamic Education: a study from Bangladesh, International Conference on Future of Education: Challenges of Traditional versus
Modern Approaches, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
2. ____Ahmed. Z (2018). Does Financial Development Lead to Economic Growth in Bangladesh? A Time Series Econometric Analysis, First International Conference, Department of Finance, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh.
3. Ahmed. Z., Zaved. A. M. (2018). Students’ Perception on Students’ Perception on the Effectiveness of Religious Education at Tertiary Level: A Study from Bangladesh, 2nd International Religious Contress, Antalya, Turkey.
4. Ahmed. Z (2017). Contribution in Social Development by Muslims: A Synthesis between Social Business and Islamic Values, 4th International Summer School, Istanbul, Turkey.
5. ____Ahmed. Z (2016). How an Advertising Agency Works to Ensure Client Satisfaction: A Case Study on the Ogilvy & Mather, Bangladesh, 3rd International Intergrative Research Conference, BARD, Bangladesh.
6. Ahmed et. al. (2014). ‘Understanding the Views of People from Various Social Classes to Make the Social Business Model More Realistic Through a Replication’, 7th International Conference of IIUC, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
7. Ahmed. Zobayer, and Marjuk, O. A. (2012). Horizontal Expansion of Housing in Rural Areas of Bangladesh: Does Population Growth Matter? Proceedings of the First UUM COB Qualitative Research Conference, Kuala Lumpur, ISBN 978-983-44592-4-6. pp: 210-222

Book or Book Chapter

1. Ahmed, Zobayer (2014). Eto Pore Ki Hobe (Bangla), Pandulipi Prokashon, Sylhet, Bangladesh. [Book]
2. Ahmed, Z. et. al. (2017). Agroforestry and Smallholders Livelihood Development, Development and Governance Challenges in Bangladesh; Edited by Ahmed Shafiqul Haque and Aka Firowz Ahmad. Osdar Publications. ISBN- 978-984-33. [Book Chapter]
3. Ahmed, Z. et. al (2017). Eco-Tourism and Forest Conservation in Bangladesh, Diverse Perspectives on Governance in Asia; Edited by Ahmed Shafiqul Haque and Aka Firowz Ahmad, Osder Publications, ISBN- 978-984-911. [Book Chapter]

Others Activites

 Leadership: Led 30 member Bangladesh Team in South Asian Youth Leadership Seminar in Nepal (2016).
 Founding: Established youth career development organization in Bangladesh named- Bangladesh Youth Development Initiative-BYDI (2014) .
 Coordinating: Book Reading Competition, jointly organized by IIUC and British Council, Bangladesh (2015-2018).
 Volunteering: 20th South Asian Peace Initiative, International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace, Dhaka, Bangladesh (2016).
 Debating:
o was the team leader in Inter-university Parliamentary Debate Championship, Bangladesh (2009).
o received best speaker award in Shahjalal University Model United Nations, Bangladesh (2012)
 Fund raising: raised funds nearly $3000 from IIUC, Bangladesh for earthquake victims in Nepal (2015)