A meeting on Documentations related to Self Assessment Report (SAR)

A meeting on Documentations related to Self Assessment Report (SAR)

A meeting on “Documentations related to Self Assessment Report (SAR)”was held on July 15, 2017 at IIUC Seminar Hall, where the Deans of the Faculties, the Heads of the Departments and the SAC Coordinators and members attended. Dr. Md. Delawer Hossain, Hon’ble Pro VC & IQAC-Director, IIUC, conducted the session with power point presentation. He highlighted on the issues such as objectives & outcome of IQAC, and Self-Assessment, Self-Assessment Report, necessity for documentations and finally elaborated the criteria and standard forms of documents to be maintained for Self-Assessment Report. As per Self-Assessment Manual, there are 9(nine) criteria and 54(fifty four) standards of Self-Assessment required for SA report. These are as follows:


Criteria 1: Governance: Organization & Management- has 11 standards

Criteria 2: Curriculum: Content, Design & Review- has 05 standards

Criteria 3: Student Admission, Process & Achievements- has 05 standards

Criteria 4: Physical Facilities- has 02 standards

Criteria 5: Teaching- Learning & Assessment- has 10 standards

Criteria 6: Student Support Services- has 08 standards

Criteria 7: Staff & Facilities- has 08 standards

Criteria 8: Research and Extension(Development)- has 02 standards

Criteria 9: Process Management & Continuous Improvement- has 03 standards

At the end of the discussion, the speaker justified that the documentation is needed for the following purposes:

Quality and excellence, 2. Adding value to the existing resources, 3. Authentic and reliable SA Report, Effective internal quality assurance, 5. Future development, 6. Continuous improvement and 7. Moving towards accreditation.

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