Discussion meeting with Program Self-Assessment Committee was held on September 03, 2018

A discussion meeting with Program Self-Assessment Committee was held on September 03, 2018 at 02:30 pm at IIUC Conference Room. The meeting was presided over by Prof. Dr. Md. Delawer Hossain, Director IQAC. The Chairman of the meeting welcomed the members of the SA Committees, explained the purpose of the meeting and expressed thanks especially to the Hon’ble Chairman BoT, Pro-Vice Chancellor and the Chairman FC for their gracious presence in the meeting. After that Director IQAC has submitted a report regarding IQAC-Activities at IIUC during March 2017 to August 2018 (enclosed). The report was readout, discussed and recommended to submit UGC after getting approval of the competent authority of IIUC. In this regard the draft letter for the QAU of UGC has also been discussed and recommended by the meeting and he briefed regarding objectives of the IQAC to develop a culture of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI). \n\nCoordinator and members ofProgram Self-Assessment Committee of the different programs were requested to prepare Self-Assessment report writing and keep proper document to prepare Self-Assessment Report. External Peer Review Team (EPRT) will not only look SA report but they will verify the evidence & proper records from each Program Offering Entity (POE). Director IQAC presented power point discussions on the Guideline for Writing Program Self-Assessment Report. \n\nIt has been resolved that the three (03) Departments namely (i) Pharmacy (ii) Law and (iii) Economics & Banking will prepare their program self-assessment report with in November 30, 2018. Rest of the Departments will continue their regular duties and responsibilities of IQAC with great zeal. \n\nThe Hon’ble Chairman BoT, Pro Vice-Chancellor & Chairman Finance Committee observed the presentation with due patient. They thanked Director IQAC for his good presentation regarding IQAC & its activities and assure to provide all kind of logistic support to IQAC to develop a culture of continuous quality improvement.

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