Summary of Courses:

Types of CoursesNo. of CoursesCredit Hours  
University Requirement Courses1113
Core courses Theory39111
Core Courses Practical12
Total =51126

Core Courses:

SL No.Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HourContact Hour
2Law-1102Legal History and Legal System of Bangladesh33
3Law-1103Islamic Jurisprudence22
4Law-1104Muslim Law-I33
5Law-1201Roman Law & Hindu Law33
6Law-1202Law of Torts33
7Law-1203Law of Islamic Transaction and Banking Law22
8Law-1204Muslim Law-II33
9CSE-1201Introduction to Computer33
10Law 2301Law of Equity & Trust33
11Law-2302Law of Contract33
12Law-2303Company Law33
13Law-2304Constitutional Law of Bangladesh33
14CSE-2302Micro-Computer Applications-122
15Law-2401Land Laws of Bangladesh33
16Law-2402Commercial Law-I33
17Law-2403Labor Law33
18Law-2404Constitutional Law (UK, USA, India, Islamic)33
19Law-2405Government and Politics33
20Law-3501Law of Evidence33
21Law-3502Commercial Law-II33
22Law-3503S R Act, PDR Act & Limitation Act33
23Law-3504Fiscal Laws of Bangladesh33
24Law-3505Administrative Law33
25Law-3601Law of Crimes (Substantive)-I33
26Law-3602Law of Crimes (Procedural)33
27Law-3603Law of Transfer of Property & Registration33
28Law-3604International Law-I33
29Law-3605Islamic Criminal Law33
30Law-4701Law of Crimes (Substantive)-II33
31Law-4702Code of Civil Procedure-I33
32Law-4703Consumer Law & Competition Law33
33Law-4704International Law-II33
34Law-4705Law of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)22
35Law-4801Law of Human Rights33
36Law-4802Code of Civil Procedure-II33
37Law-4803Legal Literacy & Drafting22
38Law-4804Moot Court and Mock Trial22
39Law-4805Professional Ethics, Interpretation of Statutes and other Legal Instruments22
40Law-4806Introduction to Legal Research22
41Law-4807Viva Voce11
Total 40 courses113113

Semester-wise Course Offerings :

SemesterCourse CodeCourse TitleCredit hourContact Hour
1st SemesterLaw-1101Jurisprudence33
1st SemesterLaw-1102Legal History and Legal System of Bangladesh33
1st SemesterLaw-1103Islamic Jurisprudence22
1st SemesterLaw-1104Muslim Law-I33
1st SemesterUREL-1103Advanced English23
1st SemesterURAL-1101Elementary Arabic13
1st SemesterOrOr
1st SemesterURQS-1101Qur’an Studies in Text and Translation
1st SemesterURIS-1101Islamic Aqidah11
Total =1518
2nd SemesterLaw-1201Roman Law & Hindu Law33
2nd SemesterLaw-1202Law of Torts33
2nd SemesterLaw-1203Law of Islamic Transaction and Banking Law22
2nd SemesterLaw-1204Muslim Law-II33
2nd SemesterCSE-1201Introduction to Computer22
2nd SemesterURAL-1202 Or URHS- 1202Intermediate Arabic Or Hadith Studies in Texts & Translation13
2nd SemesterURIS-1203Introduction to ‘Ibadah’11
Total =1517
3rd SemesterCourse CodeCourse TitleCredit hourContact Hour
3rd SemesterLaw 2301Law of Equity & Trust33
3rd SemesterLaw-2302Law of Contract33
3rd SemesterLaw-2303Company Law33
3rd SemesterLaw-2304Constitutional Law of Bangladesh33
3rd SemesterCSE-2302Micro-Computer Applications-122
3rd SemesterURIS-2303Introduction to al Quran and Sunnah12
Total =1516
4th SemesterCourse CodeCourse TitleCredit hourContact Hour
4th SemesterLaw-2401Land Laws of Bangladesh33
4th SemesterLaw-2402Commercial Law-I33
4th SemesterLaw-2403Labor Law33
4th SemesterLaw-2404Constitutional Law (UK, USA, India, Islamic)33
4th SemesterLaw-2405Government and Politics33
4th SemesterURIS-2405Dealings and Behaviors in Islam11
Total =1616
5th SemesterLaw-3501Law of Evidence33
5th SemesterLaw-3502Commercial Law-II33
5th SemesterLaw-3503S R Act, PDR Act & Limitation Act33
5th SemesterLaw-3504Fiscal Laws of Bangladesh33
5th SemesterLaw-3505Administrative Law33
5th SemesterURIS-3505Government and Politics in Islam11
Total =1616
6th SemesterCourse CodeCourse TitleCredit hourContact Hour
6th SemesterLaw-3601Law of Crimes (Substantive)-I33
6th SemesterLaw-3602Law of Crimes (Procedural)33
6th SemesterLaw-3603Law of Transfer of Property & Registration33
6th SemesterLaw-3604International Law-I33
6th SemesterLaw-3605Islamic Criminal Law33
6th SemesterURIS-3607Biography of the Prophet (SAAS)11
Total =1616
7th SemesterLaw-4701Law of Crimes (Substantive)-II33
7th SemesterLaw-4702Code of Civil Procedure-I33
7th SemesterLaw-4703Consumer Law & Competition Law33
7th SemesterLaw-4704International Law-II33
7th SemesterLaw-4705Law of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)22
7th SemesterURIH-4701History of Khilafah and Muslim contribution to world civilization (Up to 1258 A.D.)11
Total =1515
8th SemesterLaw-4801Law of Human Rights33
8th SemesterLaw-4802Code of Civil Procedure-II33
8th SemesterLaw-4803Legal Literacy & Drafting22
8th SemesterLaw-4804Moot Court and Mock Trial22
8th SemesterLaw-4805Professional Ethics, Interpretation of Statutes and other Legal Instruments22
8th SemesterLaw-4806Introduction to Legal Research22
8th SemesterLaw-4807Viva Voce22
8th SemesterURBS-4802Bangladesh Studies22
8th SemesterTotal =1818
Grand Total:All Semester126