Central Library

Vision and Mission

Vision, Mission & Objectives

To be a knowledge centre, enabling intense intellectual inquiry by providing a dynamic learning environment and proactively linking the ummah with knowledge.

With the knowledge, we serve to provide quality and value to library Users in all our endeavors’ through multiple communication networks utilizing the updated infrastructure and needed resources continuously.


  • Develop and maintain an understanding of the library’s current and potential users and their needs, and to respond to them appropriately
  • Develop information resources and provide easy access to them
  • Develop human resources of the library to ensure delivery of quality services and to maintain high levels of professionalism
  • Develop and implement a systematic approach to market the Library and its services
  • Exploit the potential of technology in all areas to deliver a wide spectrum of excellent information services.
  • Collaborate, affiliate and cooperate with organizations worldwide to share resources, enhance productivity
  • Implement the efficient system of library management
  • Inculcate quality practices.