IIUC 5th Convocation, 2022

IIUC 5th Convocation-2022

IIUC 5th Convocation-2022

Date of Convocation: September 11 , 2022

Venue: IIUC Play Ground, Kumira, Chattogram

Registration Policy

  1. Eligible Graduates: Graduating Semesters from Spring-2016 to Autumn-2020.
  2. Number of Participants (both Bachelor and Master's Programs): 4500 Graduates.
  3. Registration Deadline: June 08, 2022 to July 31, 2022.
  4. Single Registration: One participant can register for either Bachelor or Master's Program.
  5. Registration Fees: Tk. 6,500/- or USD 75.
  6. How to make Payment: Click Here
  7. Steps to complete the Registration:
    • Go to www.iiuc.ac.bd/convocation and fill up the form for collecting Token Number
    • After submitting the form, participants will get Token Number and Payment Instructions through SMS and Email of the participants.
    • Pay the registration fee as per the instructions provided.
    • Go to www.iiuc.ac.bd/convocation again to complete the registration. (If you get a Token before 8th June 2022 you need to get another Token No). During registration, participants have to upload (i) Passport size color photograph (ii) Scanned copy of the bank payment receipt
    • On Successful submission of the form, participants will redirect to directory page of the 5th Convocation registration portal. Participants are strongly advised to check their names in that directory. The directory link is www.iiuc.ac.bd/convocation/adirectory
    • If your name is not included in the directory, it may be that payment verification is yet to be confirmed by IIUC. Normally it takes a couple of days. Registered participants list can be found at https://www.iiuc.ac.bd/convocation/adirectory